SeabuckWonders Pet Success Story!

We've known for a long-time that Sea Buckthorn is excellent for pets and animals. Sea Buckthorn's botanical name Hippophae Rhamnoides literally means "tree that makes horses shine" from an old Greek legend. War torn horses were set lose to die a natural death after a hard fought battle. The soldiers were amazed when the horses returned from a sea buckthorn forest full of health and shiny fur! Pegasus, the mythical Greek horse, is said to have eaten sea buckthorn berries to transform from a humble horse to a winged, flying legend! Check out this personal success story from one of our satisfied customer's Golden Retriever! She gave her our Seabuckthorn Oil Blend Omega-7 Complete capsules and also applied our Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil to her skin. The results speak for themself! SeabuckWonders Palko Dog Success


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