Vegan Mother's Day Treats

By Seabuck Staff , published May 4, 2018

10 Mother’s Day Recipes, Something for Everyone!

Many vegan recipes are actually more nutritious than their alternatives. Some recipes taste better than you would've imagined. Avoid the holiday rush at restaurants and enjoy the perks of cooking in your how home. Any reason to get in the kitchen and try something new is a good reason. You may find your next favorite recipe!

Raspberry cupcakes

Raspberry cupcakes by @thelittleblogofvegan

These step by step instruction by @thelittleblogofvegan will help you create cupcakes that are amazing and a perfect fit for the occasion. The vegan frosting is thick and smooth making a satisfying combination with the cake beneath. Fruity yet light and sweet these cupcakes will put a smile on anyone's face.

    Lemon Tarts

    Lemon Tarts by @yummymummykitchen

    Not only are these tiny tarts vegan but they're paleo friendly as well! A mix of lemon bars and cheesecakes is the best way to describe these desserts. Their small cupcake size makes them the best little treat for a warm Spring day. Leave no loved one out this Mother's Day thanks to these tarts and @yummymummykitchen.

    Almond Butter Snickerdoodles

    Almond Butter Snickerdoodles by @veganricha

    Don't judge this cookie by its looks, @veganricha has created the full package with this one. It may look (and be) on the healthier side, but the flavor was not compromised here. To top it off, these cookies are not only a cinnamon delight but they are vegan, palm oil free, and soy-free. If you don't make this recipe today, definitely add it to your "Must Try" list, you won't regret it.

    Swedish Pancake Cake

    Swedish Pancake Cake by @gkstories

    This recipe is impossible not to love they're pancakes after all! @gkstories created this special recipe by using fresh fruit between the layers rather than jam. Using a non-stick pan is key to making these thin stackable pancakes. They are perfect for setting the scene for an enjoyable morning with your loved ones.

    No Bake Chocolate Tart

    No Bake Chocolate Tart by @leelalicious

    If baking isn't your thing then this no-bake tart by @leelalicious might be for you. This delicious chocolate tart makes a fantastic goody for anyone. Being gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and paleo friendly is an added bonus of this delicious dessert. Feel free to get creative with the topping of this tart personalizing it for your friends and family.

    Pretty Vegan Coffee Cupcakes

    Pretty Vegan Coffee Cupcakes @Peachicksbakery

    If you're into another dose of coffee for the day, then @Peachicksbakery has a coffee cupcake recipe that you should give a shot. There's no time to waste this Mother's Day. Make sure you're awake and ready for the festivities with this tasty delight.

    Wild Mushroom Asparagus Quiche

    Wild Mushroom Asparagus Quiche by Lisa

    If your tastes are more on the savory side, then this quiche by Lisa will be right up your alley. It’s a beautiful flaky quiche that will satisfy those who are not the biggest fan of sweets. If you live in an area that grows mushrooms, you can even forage them yourself or your family. Creating recipes from scratch, start to finish, is always a good way to bring people together.

    Vanilla Cake with Whipped Coconut Cream

    Vanilla Cake with Whipped Coconut Cream by @supergolden88

    Coconut cream topped with fresh strawberries makes this decorative cake a sight for sore eyes. Make this cake the star of the show for your loved ones this Mother's Day. You can even have fun decorating this cake and making it your own. @supergolden88 has also created an easy to follow video to help you make the best cake possible!  

    Asparagus Cashew Cream Tart

    Asparagus Cashew Cream Tart by @mydarlingvegan

    We've got another delicious recipe by @mydarlingvegan for our savory snack lovers. Everyone will enjoy this delicious tart while spending time with family. It's easy to make, and the flavors are a great addition to a sweet spread. Cooking with people you love is a great way to be social, creative and interactive as Sarah explains. Take the time to exercise those experiences on Mother’s Day.

    Raspberry Rose Vegan Macarons

    Raspberry Rose Vegan Macarons by @crazyvegankitchen

    These Raspberry Macarons by @crazyvegankitchen are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Macarons are not known for being easy to make, but who doesn’t like a challenge? Gather your family and enjoy a little friendly competition over who can create the best vegan macaron.They're sweet, fun, and colorful, pretty much everything you could as for on a Spring holiday. Don’t fret if they don’t come out as planned, some say that ugly foods taste best!

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