Tame Your Holiday Stress

By Guest Contributor , published Dec 20, 2017


Don't Let Holiday Stress Ruin Your Health

We are all surrounded by it right this very moment- stress. The holiday season takes a toll on us and can give our immune system a run for its money. Between dealing with financial stress, road rage, feeling pressured to finish up details at work or trying to get everything together at home on time, stress can chip away at your inner strength.

Stress can lower our resistance to fight off illnesses and leave us feeling drained of our energy when we most need it.

Did you know that under stress your body sends a message for certain areas to stop receiving what it needs to remain optimal? For example, stress can cause your hair to stop growing so that it can heal other areas that need it more. Often when this occurs, it can stop the hair regrowth or cause it to take a longer amount of time to grow back.

The main stress hormone, cortisol, also causes your skin and nails to become depleted as well. Most people think that stress causes added oil or blemishes to the skin. Raised cortisol slows down your skin’s ability to heal itself, causing skin issues. The same is true of your nails- it’s not a coincidence that they seem brittle or break. Remember, giving back to your body can help relieve holiday stress. With Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails support your outer beauty while nourishing your body

Stomach acid can be from the added stress that you have put upon yourself. More evidence is pointing to the connection between stomach and the rest of your body's functions. Stomach acid can create heartburn or ulcers and cause your entire digestive system to go into a tailspin. Your mucous membranes are part of your health’s lifeline so supporting them is crucial.

Mucous membranes line many parts of the body. Not only in the nose and throat, but also in the lungs, stomach, intestines and the urinary tract system. If mucous membranes are not functioning well, many health issues can arise.

Don't wait until stress bombards you this holiday season. Be proactive and take a daily Omega-7 Complete to be one step ahead. Everyone around you may be sick with a sour stomach, a drippy nose or inflamed allergies due to dryness this winter. With a little self care, you will be the star of your own health.

Embrace the stress but do it at an even pace. Give yourself the gift of good health as well as a routine that will keep your body happy and healthy. Some easy things to keep in mind are:

Take Care of Yourself

This always sounds selfish but if you are not well, then you cannot expect to keep others well too. Get plenty of rest and try to stick to a regimen to keep your spirits happy. Try maximizing your skin’s potential with the Sea Buckthorn Exfoliating Facial Cleanser. It uses plant-based ingredients to maintain a perfect ph balance, keeping your skin revitalized year round. While everyone else is complaining about the holiday hustle and bustle adding damage to their skin, you will feel as if Mother Nature gave you a giant hug and tucked you in for the cold winter months.

Keep Tabs on Your Time

Realize that you can only do so much each day and that some things can wait for the another day. If you feel that you need help, ask for it. There is no shame in letting other people know that you need a bit of a refresher to make sure you keep your spirit in line. Refuse to dwell on what you cannot do and remain focused on what you can do.

Leave Time to Stop and Think

Make sure you don’t allow your schedule to be the same day in and day out. Factor in time to share the holiday spirit and meet up with friends and family, even if it’s last minute and unplanned. Better yet, share the entire line of SeabuckWonders products with someone that you know deserves to embrace their hidden holiday glow.

One thing is certain- no matter how the weather is outside, SeabuckWonders will keep your inner balance streamlined and ready to tackle whatever the holidays bring.



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