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By Admin Email , published Jan 13, 2020

Happy new year everyone! We are so excited to be included in Torey Noora’s natural product line up to help you stay healthy in the new year. Torey is a blogger who shares tips for clean living and reducing harmful chemicals in your day to day life. She has the scoop on the latest trends in the natural product world.

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How to use Sea Buckthorn oils to Boost Your Health

Fighting Dryness

Are you ready to deal with chronic dryness that’s been a nuisance in your life? Sea buckthorn oils are a great solution to help handle dryness in different areas of the body. Dry eye is something that challenges many people each year and can be associated with many different health disorders.

Recent studies have looked specifically at sea buckthorn seed oil and its ability to help with dry eye issues. One study concluded that the linoleic acid (omega 6) content did a lot of heavy lifting when it came to soothing dry eye in patients. They believe that the fatty acid helps reduce inflammation that causes dry eye.

In addition to sea buckthorn seed oil, sea buckthorn berry oil has been reported to help with dryness in the body. One study looked at sea buckthorn berry oil and if it could help women suffering from vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy.

Women in the study benefited greatly from oral use of sea buckthorn berry oil. The rich many bioactive nutrients in the oil helped to decrease inflammation and aid the dryness in the patients.

Customer Reviews

In addition to the latest research, we’ve heard many positive stories from our customers who also struggled with dryness.

“I have Sjogren's and this helps with mouth and eye dryness and I have also lost weight without any change in diet or exercise.”- Amazon Customer

“I purchased these after doing research on vaginal dryness. I wanted something that wasn’t an antibiotic or prescribed by a doctor. After much research and reading many reviews on this, I went for it. I can honestly say that even after a week of being on these, I saw results. I am so happy with these results! It’s been almost a month now and I couldn’t be happier! Glad I didn’t have to have that embarrassing conversation with my doctor. I also have seen a difference in my skin and nails.” – Amazon Customer

The Best Products for Dryness

Since we know that there are many benefits to be had from both sea buckthorn seed and sea buckthorn berry oil, we highly recommend our Omega 7 Complete product.

It contains only 100% pure Himalayan sea buckthorn oil. Our oil is extracted with state-of-the-art technology to preserve the rich nutrients of the fruit and seed, making it the top choice for anyone looking for results.

It couldn’t be any easier, just take a few capsules daily. Based on customer feedback, we recommend taking the product for at least one full month for the best results.

Support Heart + Liver Health

Sea buckthorn oil is great for anyone who wants to support their overall health. Due to its omega content, it’s thought that sea buckthorn oil can be helpful in supporting healthy cholesterol levels. The antioxidant content of the oil is also thought to help keep our hearts healthy.

Lipids and bioactive nutrients found in sea buckthorn oil is nurturing to many systems in the body. The carotenoids and natural vitamin E found in sea buckthorn oil is thought to help protect liver cells, according to a study.

The Best Products for Heart and Liver Health

Our Pure Himalayan Seed Oil product is perfect for anyone looking for overall health support. Sea buckthorn seed oil has more Omega 3 than any other lipid and it’s naturally rich with antioxidants. Many of our customers choose pure seed oil as their go to, everyday health booster. We also have a pure sea buckthorn seed oil dropper bottle product for those who don’t like to swallow capsules.

Healthy Immune Support

Sea buckthorn oil has many fatty acids, but it’s also high in antioxidants and other bioactive nutrients. This could be why many of our customers use it to help keep their immune system in shape. 

“Ultimate flu fighter-This is our secret weapon for fighting flu in our family. No need to take any medication at all. We take 5 capsules x 3 a day with vitamin C when we feel the flu is going to kick off, throughout these 5 years, every time works. I. I 'd introduced Omega-7 Complete for many co-workers and friends, they are now keep taking this product as supplement. Thank you Seabuckwonders.” Customer

The Best Products for Healthy Immune Support

Omega 7 Complete is a great go-to for anyone trying to boost overall health, because you’re getting a blend of  seed and berry sea buckthorn oils with every serving. Our sea buckthorn seed oil products are especially rich with antioxidants, and so either the capsules or the pure oil would be suitable for this purpose.

Hair and Beauty

We’ve just won the highly coveted 2020 Beauty and Body Awards from Delicious Living for Omega 7 Complete. In 2019, the word about SeabuckWonders was beginning to spread in the beauty community thanks to many influencers that we’ve worked with and celebrity hair stylist, Lori Goddard. Goddard recommends our oil because it helps renew the health of hair from the inside out, and she now sells it out of her Los Angeles Studio.

Once again, the fatty acid complex found in sea buckthorn oil is likely why it’s so great for hair and skin. That’s because it can help hydrate and strengthen hair that may have been damaged or dry.

 The Best Products for Hair and Beauty

In addition to taking sea buckthorn oil orally, you might want to also try a sea buckthorn berry oil hair mask, or even simply adding a few drops of the pure oil to your conditioner. According to our customers, Omega 7 Complete is the best product to take orally for beauty support.

Stay Healthy in the New Year

We wish you health and happiness in the New Year! Be sure to check in with us for more tips on how to use sea buckthorn oil throughout the year!

Happy new year everyone! We are so excited to be included in Torey Noora’s natural product line up to help you stay healthy in the new year. Torey is a blogger who shares tips for clean living and reducing harmful chemicals in your day to day life. Check out Torey on Fox’s Morning Mix.



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