Should You Buy Sea buckthorn Juice?

By James yongsong Liu , published Mar 4, 2016

Have you ever read the ingredients on the back of a sea buckthorn juice product? What you find may surprise you. We encourage you to search the ingredients lists of the different types of sea buckthorn juice. There are a few sea buckthorn juice products that contain 100% sea buckthorn juice. These products typically have a very small suggested serving size, somewhere around 1 fl. ounce. Sea buckthorn is an amazing super-fruit, but it is extremely sour and not very sweet. One reason why pure sea buckthorn drinks have such a small dosage is because they taste bad! You have to take it like a shot.

Most of the sea buckthorn juices on the market today actually have other ingredients added in, mostly to mask the flavor of the sea buckthorn. Some juices have sugar added and a lot of other fruit juices as well. It’s also common practice for companies to add sea buckthorn oils, which we find sort of odd. One other disadvantage is that there do not appear to be ANY Organic or Non-GMO Project verified products in this category. Finally, the cost for these drinks are high and often for less nutrition than oil supplements can provide.

Sea buckthorn Juice

We do not have sea buckthorn juice in our product offerings for these reasons. SeabuckWonders focuses on 100% pure sea buckthorn oils that are USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. They are edible and can be added to nearly anything, including juices. By the way, the oils taste amazingly better than the juice so it's much easier to take. Sea buckthorn oils are concentrated and so you get way more out of a bottle than with a drinkable juice product. Not to mention you can also slather your skin with sea buckthorn oil, which makes it a much more versatile product. We love the idea of super- nutritious sea buckthorn juice but in reality we know that the best way to reap nutritional benefits is by using sea buckthorn oil supplements.

Written by James yongsong Liu

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