Sea Buckthorn Lip Balm Recipe

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Sea buckthorn oils are amazing for supporting the sensitive skin on the lips. Making your own lip balm is easier than you might think. So why not use your sea buckthorn oil to create your own custom lip balm? This sea buckthorn lip balm recipe will have you hooked for life!

The oils have omegas and antioxidants which are great for the sensitive skin on the lips. Due to the sea buckthorn, this recipe creates a luxurious balm that nourishes your lips. Best of all, it's custom when it comes to flavors and colors!


Sea buckthorn Lip Balm Recipe


Sea Buckthorn Lip Balm Recipe

The items you will need are:
  • Canning Jar

    • or other heat safe glass container for melting ingredients (like a Pyrex measuring cup). If you use a jar, you will also need disposable pipettes to get the product into your final container, check here to see what those look like.

  • Metal Spoon for stirring

  • A Pot or Pan that is at least 3 inches deep for boiling water

  • Lip Gloss tubes or tins

    • You can find new lip balm tubes and tins from a variety of sources online, like Etsy or Amazon. You can recycle empty tubes that you already have at home as well. If the old tubes that still have lip balm in them, you can put them in a boiling pot of water for about three minutes. That is usually enough to melt out the old product.

  • 3 tbs Candelilla Wax or 4 Tbs Beeswax

    • Candelilla Wax is a great vegan alternative to beeswax and has the same consistency in cosmetics. You will need to use slightly less candelilla wax than bees wax if you choose to use it.

  • 1 tbs Sea buckthorn Seed and/or Berry Oil

    • Both kinds of oils are amazing, so feel free to add both. If you do add both, change the amount to ½ tbs berry oil and ½ tbs seed oil.

  • 1 tbs Shea Butter or Mango Butter

  • (optional) Peppermint Oil

    • If you want a Burts-bees-esque lip balm, add 10 drops of peppermint oil. It feels great on the lips and adds a refreshing element to your lip balm.

  • Food Grade Grapefruit Oil and lip balm sweetener (optional)

    • Adding these ingredients will take your homemade lip balm to the next level: you’ll feel like a pro! Grapefruit oil is just a suggestion, you can choose any fruit flavor you’d like. In our opinion, the best kind of oil for this is also used in the making of candy. You can find lip balm sweetener in a variety of different forms online. Don’t use regular table sugar for this.*

  • ¼ tsp Color- (the super-duper pro version)



  • You are going to start by putting about two inches of water in your pan and turn it to medium heat. As the water heats up, put in the wax you chose into the jar or measuring cup.

  • Once you notice the water getting close to boiling or boiling you can put the glass jar into the pot, creating a double boiler. Stay close by and wait for the wax to start to melt.

  • As your wax starts to melt, add the other ingredients (adding your pigments last if you chose to use them) and thoroughly mix them. Don’t overheat the mixture, just blend everything until combined. If you used a jar, take a pipette and fill up your tubes or containers with the liquid lip balm. If you used a Pyrex measuring cup, it’s much easier to dump the liquid balm directly into the final containers.

  • You can leave your little containers at room temperature to harden. If you get impatient you can stick them in the fridge or freezer for ten minutes or so.


Now you have your very own, very personalized and awesome home-made lip balm! You may never feel the need to buy this item from the drug store again. Feel free to experiment with colors and flavors, go crazy! This recipe will make enough for about 2 ounces of lip balm. Just for reference, the standard plastic lip balm tube is about .15 ounces. That means you can get about 13 tubes of lip balm for this recipe. You can definitely make more or less: just keep the ratio of ingredients the same in either direction. It is much easier if you do a few containers worth.


*Safety warning:

Lips are extremely sensitive so it’s important that you use only essential oils, sweeteners and mica pigments that are lip safe! This is especially important if you want to add a fragrance oil. One way to be sure you are getting lip approved ingredients is to purchase from specialty online retailers like Brambleberry soap making supplies. Sea buckthorn Oils are 100% safe to use on all of the skin of your body.

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