Not All Sea Buckthorn Products Are Created Equal

By Admin Email , published Aug 25, 2015

Everywhere you look, there are more sea buckthorn products than ever before! Sea buckthorn truly is a super fruit when it comes to beauty. Seeing sea buckthorn on the label is not enough to ensure that you are going to get the amazing results you desire. If you don’t see sea buckthorn oil on the ingredients panel that should be your first clue. If you see a product that says it contains sea berry or sand thorn, those are just different names for sea buckthorn.

Extraction Process- Not all extraction processes are equal. To get the most benefit from sea buckthorn as an ingredient, using a delicate process is key. Some extraction processes separate different parts of the oil and then those different parts are mixed with other carrier oils. Some use high temperatures or require the use of solvents which lessen the nutritional qualities of the oil or leave behind chemical residue. C02 extraction is currently the cleanest method available. It uses Carbon Dioxide in a fluid form that passes through the sea buckthorn berries or seeds and easily separates the oils without damaging them much. Find out how your product was processed before you buy!

Missing nutrition- Powders, extracts and juices just don’t have the same nutrition that sea buckthorn oil does. It either gets destroyed by heat or in the case of juice, watered down. Another big problem with sea buckthorn juice products is that they are typically full of other fruit juices and sugar to make them more palatable. They do have higher levels of vitamin C than most sea buckthorn products but why not just get that from something much more affordable, like oranges?  The best way to get the nutrition from sea buckthorn is with oil or actual sea buckthorn berries. The berries themselves are hard to come by and it's nearly impossible to incorporate them into your skin care products without extracting the oil.

Omegas- The main nutrient that gets lost with these kinds of sea buckthorn ingredients is the Omegas. Although sea buckthorn has other great skin supporting properties, the omega fatty acid content is what makes sea buckthorn truly amazing, especially for cosmetic uses.



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