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By Seabuck Staff , published Jun 22, 2018

Time for Men To Stop Avoiding Doctors

Men tend to avoid the doctor more often than women. Many diseases that plague men are preventable with proper medical care. Avoiding health care will not prevent illnesses from taking over. The more you know, the better you can take care of your health. Some ailments are not as scary as they seem when treated. There are some illnesses than men are more likely to suffer from than women. Men also tend to die 3.7 years earlier than women. Part of these could be because they do not seek medical help when needed.

Heart Disease

1 in 3 men has some form of cardiovascular disease. Close to 2.8 million men experience a stroke each year. According to the American Heart Association, men usually develop heart disease 10 to 15 years earlier than women. Men are more also likely to die from heart disease in the prime of life.

There are ways that people can avoid heart disease. Eating well is one way to boost heart health. Diets low in saturated fats and cholesterol but high in fiber are best. Cardio exercise is also crucial to help reduce the chance of heart disease.

A Support Network

The American Heart Association has a support network for people with various heart conditions. They provide a safe space to build a community for people to share their own stories and offer support to others. They even allow you to reach out to healthcare professionals about any of your questions. The best part about this program is that it's easy!  You don’t have to travel far or join a long wait list, you can do it from your own home.


Cancer is a common cause of death in men

Cancer is another one of the top causes of death in men in the US. Lung, prostate, and colorectal cancer are the most prevalent. Men are 37% more likely than women to get cancer of any kind. They are also 67% more likely to die from the disease.

Prostate Cancer

Any man can get prostate cancer, but the risks increase once they have surpassed the age of 50. The risks of regular prostate cancer screenings outweigh benefits. Before you even need a screening, ask your doctor about your risk factors. Your doctor can help educate you on how to stay healthy.


Malecare is an online support group dedicated to bringing men together who are battling cancer. It creates an environment where men of all different backgrounds can there for each other with others who understand what they are going through. They are a well-known non-profit organization known for their men’s health programs for underserved populations, like African-American, LGBT and Native American cancer survivors. All of our services are provided without cost to the patient and their family.

Alcohol Abuse

It is common for men to abuse alcohol

Men are at a higher risk of abusing alcohol than women. A lot of men drink to cope with their lives. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of mouth, throat, esophagus, liver and colon cancers. It also interferes with testicular function and hormone production. Men binge drink twice as much as women. They are also prone to increased aggression and sexual assault against women.

Smart Recovery

SMART Recovery is a non-profit self-help program for people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. They introduce many ideas for people to change their lives to be more satisfied with themselves. “In SMART Recovery, we are not much concerned with the past, except to learn from it.  We focus on present-day events and the causes of self-destructive behaviors. We concentrate on what to do about them to achieve a positive lifestyle change, especially in the areas of our lives that are related to drinking or using.” Smart Recovery also offers family & friend support groups each week.


Research shows that suicide is the highest cause of death in men under the age of 45. Men tend to commit suicide as a result of trying to suppress feelings of stress. Most men do not go to therapists and do not seek help for overcoming things that lead to suicidal thoughts.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides support to those in emotional distress or who are feeling suicidal. They provide a few different hotlines to call depending on your needs. They provide help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across the United States. The Lifeline is a national network of over 160 local crisis centers. It combines custom local care and resources with national standards and best practices.

Dealing with Other Illnesses

Some men may find that there are other health issues they’d like to talk about or are looking for a different community. Smart Patient is a place where anyone can come together and talk about a health concern that they may have. Whether it’s cancer or weight management, there is support for you.






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Written by Seabuck Staff

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