Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Courageous Women Fearless Living Retreat

By Seabuck Staff , published Oct 31, 2017

Courageous Women Fearless Living

Every year around October, we donate personal care products to Courageous Women Fearless Living for their annual retreat. The goal of this amazing organization is to provide support for women who are breast cancer survivors by offering an annual retreat in the Colorado Rockies at the Shambala Mountain Center.


Annual Retreat for Courageous Women Fearless Living Sponsored by SeabuckWonders


"For me, I continue to come back to CWFL year after year because of the safe space and community created by women who are living with cancer. The sharing of stories, showing up authentically, and engaging from heart creates a bond that is cherished forever. The gift of these courageous women and the holistic offerings of this retreat is immeasurable and I am forever grateful for this continued offering." —Beth Foster, two-time breast cancer survivor

CWFL Retreat

The retreat is focused on healing and community. The programs in the retreat are designed to help those touched by cancer by giving support. The goal is to help attendees learn to better care for themselves or family members touched by cancer.  With yoga, meditation and other restorative activities, the CWFL retreat is the perfect place for any woman looking to rejuvenate after cancer.


Annual Retreat for Courageous Women Fearless Living Sponsored by SeabuckWonders

"I set the intention to pay attention deeply and to meet the women wherever they were at any given moment—in other words, to truly teach yoga. From the opening Om of our first early morning practice to the final bow five days later, everyone moved, breathed, and cried. They learned to love themselves and support each other, and chose to embrace yoga and meditation as companions on the road to healing, from diagnosis through treatment, recovery, and sometimes even recurrence. And in the end, their hearts broke open to reveal a fierce strength and a tenderness that allowed them to protect, care for, and embrace a self that ultimately was larger than the disease inhabiting their bodies CWFL has had over 400 attendees since its first retreat in 2006. Some of the things participants can learn about at the retreat are nutrition, the latest in integrative medicine and cancer treatment options."- Linda Sparrow, a yoga teacher at CWFL

Annual Retreat for Courageous Women Fearless Living Sponsored by SeabuckWonders

The Shambala Mountain Center

The Shambala Mountain Center is the perfect setting for this healing retreat. It was founded in 1971 by Tibetan meditation master Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. It sits on 600 acres of forest and provides a calming beautiful atmosphere. It has been a center for wellness, meditation and yoga for over 40 years.

Annual Retreat for Courageous Women Fearless Living Sponsored by SeabuckWonders

"I continue to attend the CWFL retreat because each year I meet beautiful women whom I can connect with who have been touched by cancer.  This women become your family. The retreat is a good reminder and practice of staying grounded and gives me resources and exercises for re-centering and encompassing overall physical and spiritual health. I can “be” my whole self during this retreat week, sharing stories, challenges and successes- All  in the safe and comfortable company of women. I stretch my meditation practice during this time as well as learn about ongoing healthcare options that I can bring home and help me live a cleaner lifestyle. Each year I leave Shambahla Mountain Center/CWFL Retreat with a renewed sense of myself and I am forever grateful that I was introduced to this program in 2013 while going through my breast cancer treatment."    Kirsten Johnson- breast cancer survivor


 Courageous Women Fearless Living: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

CWFL's Mission

To support and empower women touched by cancer by offering an annual retreat, grounded in contemplative practice, in a beautiful, natural setting. We introduce participants to the healing power of mindfulness and yoga as well as providing up-to-date information on integrative medicine, nutrition, and cancer treatment options.



Written by Seabuck Staff

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