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Really effective

I’m writing a review because this product actually works. I feel the difference in my body and my skin looks hydrated. I’m sure in time it will be even better.

Enhydro Glow Oil Serum
sylviane memoli
Enhydro Glow Oil Serum

My favorite oil to use morning and night. I am glowing.

Beautiful Product

This is an excellent, organic oil. I have ordered repeatedly - at least 5 bottles now. It is consistently excellent. The color is rich, the aroma is delightful and the oil is both delicious and effective medicinally. I use a dropper-full on my biscuit every morning to assist with menopausal issues, and in agreement with medical studies, it works. Great to find a natural product that helps. I will continue to order!


Excellent product.

Love it

Love this serum. My skin feels so soft and smooth. Will buy again. I highly recommend this serum.

Omega-7 Complete
Cindy Stephens
Game Changer!

Excessive va-jay-jay dryness was like wiping with sandpaper. I take 1-pill per night and problem solved!!! I have recommended this product to everyone! Great for excessive dry eys as well! Get some!

Omega-7 Complete
Jan Hanna
Supplements, facial cleanser, oil, face cream and body cream

I have been using the products for about a week now and I can really tell the difference in the softness of my skin. I think the cream is helping my cuticles to remain moist so my nails are growing. My skin feels dewy.
Very nice product line.

Not the same effect

I buy the omega 7 blend bc of the capsules but these did not give me the same effect. Felt like a waste of money.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil Dropper


Once I began developing rosacea breakouts, the hunt was on for something that would keep my aging skin moisturized without exacerbating the flare-ups. This is the ONLY thing that works.

Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion
Judith Pollack - Knoxville, TN / Customer since 2005
Two thumbs up

Great feel… Does the job… Fresh smell

Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream
Judith Pollack - Knoxville, TN / Customer since 2005
Two thumbs up!!!!

Great product and smells refreshing

My eyes aren’t as dry when I wake up in the morning

Very satisfied

I love putting natural ingredients on my face and body.

Omega-7 Complete
Just Grace

I am diabetic. It has allowed me to feel calm because I think I am metabolizing sugar better. It prolongs the time I can go without eating to 5 or 6 hours which helps me keep my blood sugar low.

Omega-7 Complete
Kathleen Seber
Good Product

I have been using Xiidra for my very dry eyes for the last eight months along with a high quality fish oil. I decided to buy this Omega-7 Complete product to try to help give my eyes a little extra moisture boost. I've been taking it now for 2 months and I believe that they are working very well for me. I can now wake up without my eyes being so dry that I can barely open my them without having to put my other eye drops in immediately. It is enough of an improvement that I will continue to purchase Omega-7 Complete. It is also very beneficial in improving the condition of my dry skin.

Enhydro Glow is the right choice!

Just recently discovering Seabuck Wonders’ fascinating Enhydro oil serums, I couldn’t resist trying. But which one! I debated back and forth, from one to the other, until it sunk in that SBW-14, Glow Oil Serum, contains almond oil! Almond oil on its own is rich in A&E vitamins, making it an exceptional antioxidant capable of reducing puffiness and dark circles. As a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer, it is known to brighten uneven skin tones (lightening dark spots), clear out clogged pores, even reduce the appearance of acne. It is also touted as a must-have carrier oil for "essential oils." Along with Enhydro Glow Oil Serum’s various other natural oils (rosehip, avocado, coconut), plus the Tibetan seaberry oils, made it the right choice for me. And I have been very pleased. Thank you, Seabuck Wonders.

The Omega-7 Complete is Great!

Been on the Omega-7 Complete for about a month now. I started with 2 pills a day; however, didn't get the results I wanted so I began taking 4 pills a day. Four pills a day has been great! I started using this due to hormonal changes since I'm getting very close to post-menopause. It really helped with all the dryness that fluctuating/declining hormones can cause.

Organic Seabuckthorn Oil DIY Kit

Brand new eyeballs

I have an autoimmune that dries up my eyes to the point of distorted vision . Three days into taking this supplement and my vision has gone back to normal. I’m extremely satisfied with my experience.

Love this lotion!!

This was my second order. I have been using it as my moisturizer (giving up my Aveeno). It absorbs fully and leaves my skin very soft. I see my dark spots fading slowly. I ordered some for my daughter and granddaughter for Christmas. They both have skin issues and have been using straight sea buckthorn oil. This allows them the benefits of the sea buckthorn, without the oiliness. I'm sure they will like it as much as I do!

Just Perfect

As good as always before

Repeat Customer For Life

This face cream is absolutely wonderful. A little goes a long way, and the scent is light and fresh. My skin is left dewy and smooth. Fine lines soften overnight. It’s easy to wear under make-up and effective as a night time cream. I only wish it came in larger sizes.

Omega-7 Complete
Elizabeth Hastry

Omega-7 Complete

Seabury wonders is Excellent

Been on it over a 6 weeks as a Psoriasis sufferer it has done wonders for my skin..plaques are disappearing skin is much less dry. Plan to keep using it.


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