SeabuckWonders Teams Up With Giving Closet

By Maureen Wurster , published Jan 19, 2015

The Giving Closet 

We are so excited to be teaming up with Sam Russell again to contribute to The Giving Closet. This amazing traveling charity surprises women in need with $10,000 worth of work and personal attire. Sam's mission is so inspiring and we are always willing to contribute in any way we can!

New Beginnings 

Sam is a wardrobe expert who has worked with many celebrities from Sophia Bush to Stevie Wonder. He uses his knowledge and contacts to help source the gorgeous designer clothes that are donated to these deserving women. Many women who have had the strength to pull themselves out of rough situations and abusive relationships often find themselves at a crossroads. They are ready to work and start a new chapter in their lives but often find themselves without the proper attire to land the jobs they seek. The Giving Closet not only helps these lucky recipients with boosted confidence and a gorgeous new wardrobe, it also helps to raise awareness about domestic abuse in the US. Please find out more about The Giving Closet today and follow Sam @GivingSam on Twitter and Instagram.


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Written by Maureen Wurster

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