SeabuckWonders Participates in Dr. Oz Gala Event

By Seabuck Staff , published Apr 17, 2013

SeabuckWonders Dr. Oz Gala Event

SeabuckWonders was a proud contributor in this year's annual HealthCorps® Gala event hosted by Dr. Oz. The Seventh Annual Gala, The Grassroots Garden Gala, raised funds to fight the child obesity crisis and expand the organization’s groundbreaking in-school health education programming.

HealthCorps founders Dr. Mehmet and Lisa Oz co-hosted the event and honored Marlo Thomas and Harold Hamm for their contributions at the 7th Annual Gala, the “Grassroots Garden Gala,” on Wednesday, April 17, at Gotham Hall in New York City. Dr. and Mrs. Oz co-founded HealthCorps in 2003 to provoke healthy lifestyle changes through youth implemented programs.

"The reason I’m proud of HealthCorps and the reason why we love these Galas is because it’s both, on an emotional and a physical level, a way of giving back,” said Dr. Oz. “You also get much more than you’d ever be able to give.”

HealthCorps® is currently in 66 schools in 14 states and the District of Columbia. The organization hopes to have a presence in 100 schools by 2015. SeabuckWonders contributed 800 of it's award-winning Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion to the show to support the cause and share it's sea buckthorn infused products. In 2011, Dr. Oz toted sea buckthorn for weight management and has featured the super fruit on his show again and again since then. Sea buckthorn is a natural 'superfruit' oil that may help in fighting child obesity. We're proud to be a part of the HealthCorps® Gala that is contributing to healthy youth programs since 2003.

Joel Harper, Dr. Oz's personal trainer, featured us on his Twitter account and thanked us for supporting the show. Click here to see his tweet!

Written by Seabuck Staff

seabuckwonders staff

Our SeabuckWonders staff writers love our 100% USDA-certified organic sea buckthorn health & beauty products (of course), and we're passionate about helping people become their healthiest selves. Keep reading for more about our company, and connect with us on social!

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