The Effects of Sea Buckthorn Pulp & Seed Oil After Radiation

By Angela Rightout , published Oct 19, 2018

A Possible Treatment for Illness After Radiation

Radiation is a treatment often used for cancer. Unfortunately, the effects of radiation on the body can be harsh. For more than a half a century, many efforts were made to find a solution for the negative affects patients experience. Some common issues that patients endure are gastrointestinal syndrome, nausea, diarrhea and dehydration. Studies say that gastronomical problems contribute to the death of patients after radiation. Unfortunately, the FDA has yet to approve anything that will aid post radiation issues. But, in 2017 the Journal of Radiation Research published a study. This study suggests that sea buckthorn pulp and seed oil may be beneficial against health issues after radiation. Although the FDA has not approved this treatment either, it’s worth exploring.

Sea buckthorn oil and sea buckthorn pulp oil are natural herbs from the sea buckthorn tree that grows in Europe and Asia. It's used in Chinese, Tibetan and Mongolian traditional medicine. These cultures use it for many things including gastric ulcers and circulatory disorders.

The Experiment

For the experiment, they used various groups of mice. The mice received either sea buckthorn oil, sea buckthorn pulp oil, olive oil or a saline solution. After receiving these substances once a day for seven days, they exposed the mice to full body radiation. The idea of the study was to determine how severe the intestinal injuries were on the mice after radiation. They wanted to determine if the olive oil, sea buckthorn pulp and seed oil would affect these issues. Lastly, the study wanted to see how much longer each group of mice would live after receiving a pretreatment of oil.


Approximately 72 hours after the mice received their radiation treatment, scientists harvested intestinal tissues. The mice who received olive oil lived 4.5 days. The mice who received sea buckthorn pulp oil and seed oil lived an average of 8 to 10 days. Both groups who received sea buckthorn pulp and seed oil also reduced weight loss after radiation. The group who received saline solution died from severe intestinal edema and necrosis. The study says that the sea buckthorn pulp and seed oil weakened the force of radiation-induced intestinal injuries. This resulted in the mice living longer.

 The scientists who conducted the experiment compared the seed and pulp oil against the olive oil. Although both contain fatty acids, they believe the PLA (Palmitoleic acid) and ALA (alpha linolenic acid) in the sea buckthorn pulp and seed oil are the most important components. The study says that these properties fought against radiation-induced injuries. Also, the sea buckthorn pulp and seed oil reduced anti-inflammatory effects in various tissues. Furthermore, it suppressed skin injuries from the ultraviolet rays. But, the study indicates that there are other unknown components of the sea buckthorn pulp and seed oil that helped the ALA and PLA. According to the study, the properties worked with the PLA and ALA to reduce the negative effects of radiation in the mice. Although this treatment is not a cure for radiation injuries, the study says that sea buckthorn pulp and seed oil helped the mice live longer.

Although we are a long way from an FDA approved treatment with sea buckthorn oil, sea buckthorn oil is an amazing supplement for many health issues. Many of our customers use sea buckthorn oil to help quell dryness after chemotherapy. Some other related issues include skin care, dry eyes, mouth and intestinal issues. These reviews are from real customers who've purchased SeabuckWonders' products.


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Written by Angela Rightout

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