Preparing For Cold & Flu Season

By Admin Email , published Nov 17, 2014

With the change of seasons, colds and flus are bound to happen. Did you know that you can prepare your body before the onslaught of sniffles and sneezes arrives at your house in cold and flu season? The sooner you start boosting your immunity, the better your chances are of staying healthy during colder months. The best bet is to give yourself at least 30 days to get that immunity boosted. SeabuckWonders capsules and oils are a convenient way to start your anti-germ campaign today. Keep your immunity boosted for winter! Boosts throughout your day Want to boost your immunity and protect yourself on the go? One dropperful of sea buckthorn oil in your water bottle is great way to take the immunity boosting power of SeabuckWonders with you all day.

How is sea buckthorn beneficial for Immunity?

Sea buckthorn oils are packed with vitamin E which are known for their immense immunity boosting properties. Sea buckthorn oils also contain SOD (superoxide dismutase) as well as flavonoids which are known for their antibacterial and immune system response boosting properties. Sea buckthorn oils are also known for their antibacterial qualities.

Should I do seed or Berry Oil?

A blend of both would be ideal for the purpose of boosting the immune system. Among other beneficial properties, the seed oil is known for its white blood cell nurturing properties and strong white blood cells are necessary for a strong immune system. The oil from the bright oranges berries is high carotenoids and tons of other vitamins and minerals.   Our DIY Drop In Kit is our best option for immunity boosting! Don’t wait until your already sneezing, start your defense campaign now with SeabuckWonders!

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