Non-GMO Project

Why Seabuckwonders is Non-GMO Certified

We chose to become Non- GMO certified because Seabuckwonders cares. We believe that consumers have the right to know what is in the products they buy. We are committed to the people who grow our sea buckthorn, the communities they live in and to you, our customers. Our oils, which are the base of all of our products are 100% GMO Free.


Read Your Labels!

Look for the Non-Gmo label on your products when you buy. When you do, you will be supporting businesses who actually care about the health of your family and the planet! If we work together, maybe someday we can live in a world that is GMO free!


Look for the butterfly when you shop.

Commit to be GMO free this month and educate yourself about this important issue!

Want to learn more about Non-GMO? Check out these sites:



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