Beauty Expert Stacy Cox: Your "How to Glow" guide

By Admin Email , published Jun 22, 2018

Our friend Stacy Cox is back again with tips on how to get the best summer glow possible!

Stacy Cox Beauty Expert Recommends Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil  from SeabuckWonders

She just appeared on NBC Phoenix Arizona Midday to talk about the best ways to keep your skin happy this summer. Stacy is a nationally regarded beauty, fashion and lifestyle correspondent! She's a veteran skin care therapist and gal-in-the-know about the latest tricks and tips to beautify both you and your home! I'm excited to be a recurring news contributor on The View, Dr. OZ, Marie, E! News and Access Hollywood. Check out her tutorial below!


Stacy Cox - Unlock the Inner Sunkissed Goddess in You from Seabuckwonders on Vimeo.




Just about every magazine cover from May through August is rock’n images of glorious, sun kissed models and actresses, a glam squad transformed into golden goddesses quite a few of us would love to resemble.


Well the only glam squad helping me in my bathroom… IS ME!  So I hunkered down this week to learn about what steps we can adopt to capture a subtle warm glow, making our complexions appear lit from within. If you’re like me, you want this tutorial in as few steps as possible and as easy and user friendly as possible. I’m truly picking up what you’re putting down to this end. So have a read, and see if you think this is doable?



Hydrate your complexion! This won’t work on dull, dry skin!
• SeaBuckWonders Organic Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

SeaBuckWonders Seed Oil has been a huge game charger on my face, and it’s Step 1 when you want to create a sun kissed glow on yourself.  Here’s why: it’s a fact the sun stresses out your skin, know this, it’s the truth!  

“EFA’s” also known as essential fatty acids, some of the key building blocks in our bodies, are the best kept beauty secret to nourish a parched complexion.  The fatty acids in Seed Oil counter act all the negative push/pull on our complexions and improves skin functioning. 

The cool thing is you can take this internally and externally. Internally take 1 to 2 droppers by mouth daily. Or apply to skin liberally, concentrating on dark spots and wrinkles. So this little bottle really packs a punch keeping your skin healthy and glowing all summer. The exfoliating cleanser and daily face moisturizer (pictured below) compliment the seed oil and round out your youthful glow. I like using all 3 together to maximize and expedite this beauty end game.


Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil -A Pure Beauty Secret

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil is a versatile product for health and beauty. Pure sea buckthorn seed oil is a great topical treatment and is so pure that you can even use it as an oral supplement! It's loaded with omega 3 and other important antioxidants.

Unlike competitor oils, SeabuckWonders pure Seed Oil is highly pigmented and typically has a bright orange color. It still absorbs very well into the skin and we highly recommend using it after washing your face for a dewy glow.

The truth is that sea buckthorn oil keeps your skin happy and boosts your overall health all year round!

More tips on keeping your skin healthy this summer from SBW



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