About Us

The Original Sea Buckthorn Company

Over 20 years ago, SeabuckWonders was the first company to introduce sea buckthorn oil to the US market. Though most people in North America had never heard of sea buckthorn back then, it didn’t take us long to win over our first group of satisfied customers. The natural health and beauty industry is growing rapidly and the demand for sea buckthorn oil is also increasing. We stand out in the crowd as the most established and experienced purveyor of sea buckthorn oils in North America.

The SBW Difference

Unlike many other sea buckthorn brands, SBW has access to it's own sea buckthorn crop. We grow and create our own oils, which means that we have complete control over the quality of our product. Sea buckthorn is becoming more popular and many brands simply do not have access to a high quality, reliable source of sea buckthorn. That means that we not only have the best quality oil but we are able to use far more of it in our products.

We are a family owned company with over 20 years in the natural health and wellness industry. Our passion is creating authentic, high quality products.


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