Sea Buckthorn Is The Best Source of Omega 7

Omega 7 Sources Comparison

Sea buckthorn has been used medicinally for health and beauty for 1000's of years and  throughout Europe and Asia. Little did they know that this berry was providing the most potent source of Omega 7 fatty acids available in the world. Fish Based Omega 7 - You can get Omega 7's from Anchovies but you'll sure have to eat a lot of them! To extract Omega 7 from Anchovies they have to be "Purified" using a 7-step process which includes bleaching, deacidification, molecullar-distillation, recrystallization, and other stomach churning steps to isolate the small amounts of Omega 7's available in these sources. Furthermore ... they're standardized to 50% Omega 7. So what's the other 50% then? Sea Buckthorn is Natural - As opposed to "Purified", which sounds so clean and pristine, sea buckthorn actually is 100% natural. It's a fruit oil. Period. No bleaching, distillation, crystallizing, or any other questionable steps are needed to reap the benefits of Omega 7. You can eat the raw berries themselves. Mother nature has already provided Omega 7 and so much more in her wonder berry – sea buckthorn. Super Berry Synergy - Sea Buckthorn is a 'super fruit' containing over 190 phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 9), supercharged antioxidants, and other bioactive nutrients. Not only is sea buckthorn the most potent natural source of Omega 7 known ... the synergy of its impressive nutritional profile as a whole are profound. Omega 7 as an isolated nutrient could never provide the full range of benefits this miracle berry can. Omega 7 Research - The truth of the matter is that most research conducted on Omega 7's has used sea buckthorn as its source! Logically, you would use the most potent source of a nutrient to study that nutrient. This is the case with sea buckthorn. There are hundreds of studies worldwide supporting sea buckthorn. The only study available for "Purified" Omega 7 is manufacturer sponsored leaving it open to scrutiny. Plant Based Omega 7 - There is more Omega 7 in sea buckthorn than any fish in the sea. It's also the most potent plant source of Omega 7 known. There are numerous benefits to plant based omegas. There's no fishy aftertaste, no carbon footprint from industrialized fishing practices, no animal waste, and it's vegan friendly. In SeabuckWonders case our sea buckthorn oils are certified USDA organic and Non-GMO Project Verified - both of which are unattainable for a fish based omega. Click here to learn why Sea Buckthorn is the Ultimate Plant Based Omega Source.



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