Natural Foods Merchandiser Review

Natural Foods Merchandiser- September 2013 17 Products Giving Back- “SeabuckWonders’ sustainable mission was visible in a joint effort with its manufacturing facility to plant more than 500,000 sea buckthorn trees in Tibet, where the hardy tree combats soil erosion. This effort not only increases sea buckthorn berry production, it provides jobs and income to local farmers. The company’s fair-paid farmers also practice sustainable harvesting, only taking fully mature berries and minimal branches and leaves to preserve the plants for future seasons. In April, SeabuckWonders donated more than 800 products and contributed to the annual Dr. Oz-hosted HealthCorps Gala to raise money to fight the child obesity crisis. This Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil is 100 percent USDA Organic certified. For both internal and external use, the oil contains omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 and is said to be cell-membrane nurturing and gastrointestinal-health supporting.”



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