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Ingestible products are becoming the newest and most popular beauty/health trend. Our general manager James Liu was called upon by Yahoo Beauty for his expertise in the area of SBT. We are so excited to see that SBT is getting recognition for it's amazing beauty boosting properties.

 According to SeabuckWonders, an ingestible line sold at Whole Foods and other health food retailers, it’s quite the beauty cure-all.  Says James Liu, the company’s general manager: The berry’s oil contains Omega 7, vitamins A and E, and “promotes cellular moisture and structural health of the skin internally.”


As a beauty and age defying product, sea buckthorn really is the best of the best. Internal use also encourages hair and nail health for strength and shine. Externally it can be used to aid with many skin ailments from acne to psoriasis. As a oral supplement, the berry oil rehydrates mucus membranes and is a powerful anti-inflammatory for a beauty that comes from within.

SeabuckWonders is a product line for beauty from the inside out. Our Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil provides the highest concentration of Omega 7, as well as vitamins E and A and over 190 phytonutriens. Seabuckwonders Berry Oil can be taken orally or used topically and we recommend using it both ways to maximize its benefits.  Our Berry Oil is the perfect skincare solution as a stand alone oil supplement and it is in every one of our skincare products including cleansers, lotions and serums. 

SBT oils are not only great for external beauty but are a veritable nutritional powerhouse that has many internal health benefits. What other beauty supplement can also boost your immune system, ease inflammatory conditions or aid with digestion? Not only is SBT an amazing solution for beauty, it's all natural, sustainable and farmed responsibly. Make sure to include SBT oils in your fall Ingestible regimen, for soft, supple skin, strong nails and lustrous hair!

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