Common Terms on Sea Buckthorn Product Labels

Are you Getting What you Paid for?

With so many new sea buckthorn based supplements on the market today, it's important that consumers understand what they are getting when they buy. Sea buckthorn is a very nutritious plant. Nearly every part of the plant can be used for different purposes.

What is in Your Bottle?

Most people are looking for omegas 7,3,6&9 when they purchase a sea buckthorn product. What many people do not realize is that sea buckthorn products can come from different parts of the sea buckthorn plant and may not contain any of these fatty acids. How the product is created or processed also has an affect on the nutritional content of the product. 

Sea Buckthorn Oil Supplements are not all the Same

Although it may be hard to tell if a product is good just by looking at the bottle, we've put together this list to help you know some of the most important terms when it comes to sea buckthorn. Before you know it, you will be a sea buckthorn expert too!

Fake Sea Buckthorn oil is on the Rise

Common Terms and Their Meanings:

Hippophae Rhamnoides

 If you see this on a label it is a good sign. Hippophae Rhamnoides is the Latin binomial name for the species of sea buckthorn that creates the best berries for skin care and supplements. There are other species of the sea buckthorn plant that do not have the same properties as Hippophae. On labels, sea buckthorn and Hippophae Rhamnoides are interchangeable terms. Other names for sea buckthorn include: sea berry or sand thorn.

Sea Buckthorn Extract

 The use of this term should raise some suspicion because it is open to interpretation. It could be referring to a powder extract of the leaves and bark of sea buckthorn. It could be an oil extraction of the whole sea buckthorn berry and seeds. It could just be an extraction from the seeds. You just never know.

Sea Buckthorn Powder

This ingredient is exactly what it sounds like. SBT powder is a very affordable ingredient because it’s often a byproduct or something left over from another extraction process. Because it’s been processed so much, it usually has very little nutritional content.

Sea Buckthorn Juice

This ingredient sounds wholesome and is a much more affordable option than sea buckthorn oil. However, it sorely lacks in Omega content and other vitamins save vitamin C, typically. If all you are getting is vitamin C, go for Orange juice- it’s much cheaper!

Don't be Fooled 

Look for products with 100% sea buckthorn oil on the label and skip the ones with filler oils. Over processed ingredients won’t do much (or anything) in your beauty product because they don’t have the same nutrients as sea buckthorn oil.

Be wary of items that do not specify which type of sea buckthorn oil they are using. The ingredients should list sea buckthorn seed oil and sea buckthorn berry oil as separate ingredients. If it does not, there's no way to know what you are actually getting- which is a problem!

 Did you know that there are imposter sea buckthorn oil products circulating online? This article goes into depth on how to spot a fake. Once you know what to look for in sea buckthorn oil products, it's easy to find quality products.





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