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"DO use sunscreen! There are so many to choose from—something for ALL ages and with specific degrees of protection based on your needs. Obviously, the very fair need more protection than those with more melanin in their skin; however, we ALL need protection so apply a little “common sense” with your sunscreen. It’ll go a long way! For those seeking natural UV protection, try using products that contain sea buckthorn (such as SeabuckWonders body lotion, facial cream and hydrating serum). The sea buckthorn berry contains natural UV properties, so you receive protection from the sun everytime you use one of these products!" 


SeabuckWonders Girly Girl Giveaways



Girly Girl Giveaways - June 2013 “It's officially summertime and no doubt you will be exposing more of that skin to keep cool during the summer months. SeabuckWonders would like to help you keep  you safe while enjoying all that summer has to offer, with their natural line of skincare products.”



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