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Organic Spa Magazine

Written by Sandra Ramani May 26, 2020

Our sea buckthorn is sourced on our private farm in the Tibetan Himalayas. But did you know that different varieties of sea buckthorn grow all across Europe and other parts of Asia? Sea buckthorn is an ingredient that’s as popular in Scandinavia as it is in Asia.

The resilient botanicals found in Nordic countries can teach us a lot about skincare. From the concept of hygge (well-being achieved through “being cozy”) and a celebration of hyper-seasonal organic ingredients to a cultural and political dedication to sustainability (just ask Greta Thunberg), there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the nations of far northern Europe.

Since 2007, Organic Spa Media, Ltd. has been the leading authority in wellness lifestyle and travel. From clean beauty products to leading spa resorts, OSM offers only the best of the best for the sophisticated wellness consumer. We were so excited to be included in this exotic and interesting group of Scandinavian inspired skin care products.

Perhaps the best-known of the northern “miracle” ingredients (it’s also found in Eurasia and the Tibetan highlands), this nourishing little berry boasts all four omega fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 7 and 9), over 190 bioactive nutrients and a high concentration of antioxidants. All parts of the plant are used for different results (teas are even made from the leaves, for example) and, depending on the form, can be both used topically and ingested.

The oils come in two distinct forms: Berry Oil, which is bright orange in color, great for fighting chronic dryness (including eczema and psoriasis) and inflammation, reducing the appearance of scars, and supporting cellular and digestive health; and Seed Oil, which is bright yellow, and is perfect as an easily absorbed daily skin serum to fight wrinkles and dark spots, and good for heart and liver health.


Backed by decades of expertise (it was among the first to introduce sea buckthorn to the U.S. back in 1994), this Fair-Trade, certified organic line offers lots of potent products for both topical and internal use. Try the Body Lotion for intense moisture and protection against UV-related effects or take the Berry Oil internally to support cell turnover and digestive function. The brand will also be launching a line of three nourishing face oils in March.

Vitamin Retailer Magazine

EFAs: Liquid Gold to the Body with a Bright Future in the Marketplace

Written by Joy Choquette July 31st, 2020

It’s no surprise that Essential Fatty Acids continue to be a major market player in the natural products world. EFA’s are crucial for the health of our bodies, and many people simply do not get enough.

According to Grand View Research, “Omega 3 Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report,” the increase in EFA products is expected to rise 7.7 percent from 2020-2027. “Rising awareness regarding chronic diseases, expanding application scope of omega-3, and regulations favoring the usage of omega-3 in infant formulations are contributing to the market growth,” the report stated. The global omega-3 market size in 2019 was $2.49 billion at (U.S.).

However, with all of the research and information out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or confused by the true benefits of EFAs. Seabuckwonders, along with other top players in the omega fatty acid market, contributed to Vitamin Retailer’s article helping to share the real benefits of EFA supplements, and their outlook in the natural products landscape.

A newly launched, wildcrafted facial oil line is something new and relevant that SeabuckWonders has recently unveiled. Cherie Boldt, a spokesperson for the company, which is based in Illinois, stated that the firm has also recently obtained the Maia Research U.S. Sea Buckthorn report.

This document, “supports the growth trajectory of sea buckthorn-based products, and emphasizes market drivers to promote our supplements,” Boldt said, “including immunity, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal support as well as mucous membrane support and dryness.”

Boldt said that different promotional opportunities, along with social media collaborations are areas in which SeabuckWonders focuses on driving traffic to retailers.

“We are always open to creative partnering with our retailers and encourage them to reach out to us if they would like to share any ideas for future collaborations,” Boldt said.

We’re excited that we continue to be part of the growing conversation about the importance of EFA’s for health and wellness. Consumer education is a big part of what we do, and it’s important to stay connected to those in our industry.



Written by Elaine Sir May 31st, 2020

Elaine Sir is a career mom and LA lifestyle blogger — and the founder behind SEOULFULL SKIN FOOD. She is a participant in positive culture change, a semi-holistic mommy to two, attorney by trade, Nutritious Life Certified health coach and a second-degree black belt in taekwondo. Her LA lifestyle blog is a reflection of her musings on mama stuff, health, wellness, beauty and all things cultural for the Gen-X crowd.


We are so excited to share our latest and greatest skincare line with important influencers like Elaine Sir, and the other fierce ladies from our ENHYDRO TRIBE. The new Enhydro Serum line was inspired by the natural beauty trends our customers love and created to support each customer’s unique skin type. Elaine’s favorite product is Enhydro Revive, an amazing, all natural blend of sea berry seed oil, plant based Retinol, Moringa oil, made with aging skin in mind.

The award-winning health and wellness supplement line, SeabuckWonders just launched a new Enhydro line of serums of three soothing and nourishing face oils. I am enthralled! Sea Buckthorn oil is creating a splash in the wellness world because of its over 190 total bioactive nutrients. Their magical gifts include fighting dryness with omega-7 to supporting overall health with plant-based omega-3. REVIVE This gorgeous one in the black bottle is my all-time favorite.

The antioxidant complex revives skin with anthocyanin-rich sea buckthorn seed oil, vitamin C rich moringa oil and vitamin A from rosehip. The exotic Frankincense provides the woodsy scent, which is also known to tighten, strengthen, tone and improve elasticity in aging skin. Moreover, the oil-soluble qualities of L-Asorbyl Palmitate penetrate deeply without emulsifiers or chemicals. So, Revive is perfect for mature skin and skin showing signs of aging. In addition, this oil serum works best on normal to dry skin types. No wonder I’m obsessed.

Stay tuned for her upcoming health and wellness podcast, KIMCHI + CHALLAH, hosted by Elaine and celebrity trainer and world-renown lifestyle expert, ASHLEY BORDEN.


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