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True Love Bath Bomb


Get ready for a luxurious, skin hydrating bath! What could be better at the end of a stressful day than unwinding in an aromatherapy bubble bath? Forget buying bath bombs. Making your own is much more cost effective and you have control of the ingredients that go into them. These will make great gifts for […]

Love Your Nails: DIY Nail Care Oil


Do you want to support and condition your natural nails? This simple nail care oil treatment and will help keep your nails healthy and strong! Sea buckthorn oil’s nutritious antioxidant and fatty acid content is wonderful for nail health. Did you know that sea buckthorn seed oil contains naturally occurring vitamin E? Lemon and Frankincense […]

Sweetheart Protein Shake Recipe


Valentine’s Day is almost here. It’s a great time of year to cultivate a relationship with health and wellness. Love yourself! Our super nutritious Sweet Heart Protein Shake tastes so good you will forget that it’s healthy. Focus on your health and exercise this month. It will help you get through the next few weeks […]

Millennial Women are Ignoring Heart Health

Heart Health

Healthy lifestyles are becoming more popular every year, especially with young people. You’re following the latest health food diet and hitting the gym every other night. But how often do you think about the health of your heart? Millennials are more health conscious than many groups before them. Health is trendy. Even so, many of […]

Sea Buckthorn Oil Salt Scrub


Try this easy DIY Sea Buckthorn Oil Salt Scrub recipe! It’s great for hydrating and replenishing moisture to the skin. The scrub with help remove dead skin cells and improve circulation to the top layers of skin. We focus so much on exfoliating our faces but we often neglect the skin on the back of our arms […]

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails

        Guest Post By Tracy Bush – Nutrimom Food Allergy Liason So often, most of us get worn down by everyday life. Schedules and the mundane chaos of keeping up with what must be done can also cause us to forget the most important thing- ourselves. The truth is when we look […]

Health and Wellness Tips from a Breast Cancer Survivor


Guest Post by Kere Knautz Exercise at least 30 minutes every day, the more active you are, and the lower your BMI, the better for your health. Physical activity will make you feel better and potentially reduce cancer related risks. Buy the best water filter you can afford, and filter all your water for drinking […]

Back To School Immunity!

Back to School Immunity

You’re ready for the drill: get the kids up, clothed, fed and out the door in time to catch the school bus – but wait! Don’t forget their daily vitamin. They need extra protection against all the germs floating around the classroom. Keep your kid from getting sick and follow these tips for back to school immunity! Is […]

Sea Buckthorn & Dry Eye


Dry Eye Symptoms Our eyes have a lubrication system that can be put out of balance by either internal or external factors. When people suffer from dry eye, they may experience some of the following symptoms: Dry, red eyes Light sensitivity or blurry vision Feeling like a foreign object is in the eye/ gritty feeling […]

CO2 Supercritical Extraction

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

What Is It and Why Do We Use It? Sea buckthorn berries and seeds on are wonderful raw products with lots of nutrition. Some extraction processes can have a negative effect on your final oil product. We use CO2 supercritical extraction because it creates the purest final product possible. CO2 stands for carbon dioxide, a natural […]