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Cancer Survivor: Kere’s Story

Kere was a winner of a giveaway on one of our social media channels. She is a breast cancer survivor and told us her amazing story of recovery. We asked if she could share her story to help other survivors regain health. 

Kere's Story Cancer Survivor

I was diagnosed with a rare, highly aggressive form of breast cancer two and a half years ago called Triple Negative Breast Cancer. The day I was diagnosed, I said “I may have cancer, but it doesn’t have me!” I set out on a journey of education and discovery to do everything I could to help beat this beast invading my body. Changes were gradual as I learned about all the junk in the food we eat and all the chemicals we put on our body. I ditched the Teflon pots and pans and switched to ceramic. I only drink filtered water. I slowly ditched the toxic body products for only green, vegan, chemical free, beauty and body products. I eat a mostly non-inflammatory diet, and eat organic when I can. I include lots of protein, fruits, vegetables and green organic juices.

I went through chemo, radiation, had 17 lymph nodes removed and had a bilateral mastectomy. I was always fatigued and put together a supplement plan with the help of my oncologist. I have had residual pain from chemo and my eyelashes fell out every three months like clockwork due to the type of chemo I had. Part of my supplement plan included Fish Oil and Biotin. I started following some green beauty bloggers on Instagram and came across SeabuckWonders and just knew I had to look into these products.

Along with being full of omegas, SeabuckWonders is vegan friendly, Non-GMO, paraben free, cruelty free, dairy free, wheat and gluten free. They are also Leaping Bunny approved and USDA certified organic. I started using the Hair, Skin and Nails to replace my biotin and it is supercharged with Omegas -7,-3,-6,-9 and more than 190 phytonutrients. Guess what? I noticed my eyelashes were no longer falling out but just the opposite- they started growing and getting thicker, whoa, this was like a miracle.

My hair grows so fast, I wear it short and sassy. I used to get it cut every two months but now need a monthly cut and I need to trim my nails much more often. I then ordered the Omega-7 Complete to replace my fish oil, this has Omegas-3, -6, -7, -9 as well as Vitamin E. After using this for about a month I realized I was not in as much pain, it seemed like my joints were being lubricated and my energy levels were increasing dramatically but on top of that, my skin looks better than ever. I am so grateful to find a company with incredible products that treat my body so good and are oncologist approved. These are products I never want to run out of and I look forward to sharing with others. ~ Kere Knautz

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